Mobile Quality Enterprise Platform

Automate your app distribution, streamline your development process, manage feedback cycles, and deliver faster & better to market. All this, in a highly secure, enterprise-grade environment.


Enterprise App management

TestFairy includes an enterprise-grade app distribution platform for iOS and Android that is highly configurable, tightly secured and can sync with your corporate Single Sign-on. With TestFairy only the right people will have access to your apps.

Video sessions

TestFairy provides mobile teams with videos showing how users use your apps on their real devices, in real-time. This helps developers understand user behaviour, see what happened before a crash or a bug report and fix bugs in zero time!

In-app Feedback

TestFairy allows users to report bugs by shaking their device or just clicking on a button and sketching on the screen. By making it easy for testers to report bugs, the amount of reports will increase and so will their quality.

Seamless Integrations

TestFairy can integrate with JIRA, Trello, Slack and any other platform, so that the issues posted by your team will automatically get filed in the right place without any manual work needed.

Security & Compliance

As a Sauce Labs company, TestFairy follows all major industry certifications. For more information, please check Sauce Labs security. As for the app, TestFairy can run with private storage, private cloud, can have data encryption, Single Sign-on integration, and more.

Remote Support

TestFairy is perfect for support teams who need to quickly understand their end users and their problems when things don't work as expected. See what users do and easily escalate support tickets to dev teams in one click.

Mobile Testing

question mark Can TestFairy connect to a private storage?

Yes. The TestFairy enterprise platform can connect to a private storage to provide your company with a highly secured corporate app store.

question mark Can customer data be encrypted?

Yes! TestFairy allows customers to encrypt data with their private keys so that no-one can see your data.

question mark Can customers choose where to host their data?

Yes. Customers can choose where to host data between North America, Europe or Asia.

question mark Can accounts restrict access with an ip whitelist?

Yes, TestFairy allows you to restrict access to your office IP range or VPN.

question mark Can TestFairy work with our corporate Single Sign-On?

Yes!. TestFairy is compatible with OKTA, Ping, OneLogin, IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Citrix and any other SSO vendor supporting SAML 2.0

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