Mobile Quality with Security Compliance

TestFairy is a secure platform built for highly compliant companies. The service can connect to a private storage, connected to Single Sign-On, allows IP whitelists and end-to-end encryption wit your private keys. for continuous app testing allows you to easily sync, create & update tester groups, and distribute apps through landing pages or tester dashboards.


Mobile Quality with Security Compliance

Private Storage

TestFairy can connect to a private storage, providing highly compliant organizations a separate environment just for them.

Single Sign-On

TestFairy connects to any SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On including OKTA, Ping, OneLogin, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and many others. Connecting to SSO will help you make sure that only the right people will get access to your dashboard and apps. SSO Groups in OKTA and other platforms can automatically sync, so that “Devs” in your organization can “Devs” in TestFairy.

Security Permissions

TestFairy includes powerful yet easy to configure security rules, that can either be downloaded from OKTA, or configured manually in the testers page. Admins can easily choose that app A is available for one team while app B is available to another team and app C is available to anyone.

IP Whitelist

TestFairy can limit the access to the your dashboard to your office IP range or your VPN. This allows you to add another layer of security, and make sure that only the right people can access your account.

End to End Encryption

TestFairy allows you to encrypt your sessions with your private keys. This means that you’re creating a public key and a private key, and initializing the SDK with the public key. The private key will be entered only once you login to your account and will be saved in your Chrome local storage, allowing decrypting your sessions on the client side.

Audit Logs

Knowing who did what is the last layer of any security procedure and a very important one. TestFairy’s audit logs are available in your dashboard and also available via API.

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Can TestFairy connect to a private storage?

Yes. The TestFairy enterprise platform can connect to a private storage to provide your company with a highly secured corporate app store.

Can customer data be encrypted?

Yes! TestFairy allows customers to encrypt data with their private keys so that no-one can see your data.

Can customers choose where to host their data?

Yes. Customers can choose where to host data between North America, Europe or Asia.

What about compliance?

TestFairy is proud to work with companies with strict compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other standards, laws and regulations. TestFairy is ISO-27001 certified.

Can accounts restrict access with an ip whitelist?

Yes, TestFairy allows you to restrict access to your office IP range or VPN.

Can TestFairy work with our corporate Single Sign-On?

Yes!. TestFairy is compatible with OKTA, Ping, OneLogin, IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Citrix and any other SSO vendor supporting SAML 2.0

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