TestFairy Media Kit

Youtube (English): http://youtu.be/0c4ThIMfD_c

Youtube (Japanese): http://youtu.be/de2DE4yWgeQ

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/66493488

TestFairy icon 256px
TestFairy icon 500px
TestFairy logo 240px black
TestFairy logo 256px black
TestFairy logo 400x112px black
TestFairy logo 640px black
TestFairy logo 1000px black
TestFairy logo 2000px black
TestFairy logo 240px white
TestFairy logo 640px white
TestFairy logo 1000px white
TestFairy logo 2000px white
TestFairy logo psd
TestFairy logo eps

This is how a TestFairy report looks like:

This is the video player:

This is the phone signal graph. It shows the level of signal and incoming/outgoing phone calls

This is the CPU graph:

This is the memory graph:

This is the test martix. The columns are the app screens (activities) that were analyized automatically by TestFairy, and the rows are the devices that were tested. You can see here that the device in the second line (Nexus) went through most of the screens, while the device in the first line, tested only 2 screens.

This pie chart shows the resolutions that were tested for this app:

This pie chart shows the devices tested this app:

This is the upload screen, when an APK is uploaded the developer can choose which metrics should be monitored and what quality of video should be recorded.

And just in case you need our picture, here it is: