TestFlight Users: Welcome to TestFairy.

TestFairy critter
Three days ago, Apple pulled the plug on TestFlight’s Android SDK and published that the service itself will stop working on March 21.
Meet TestFairy.
TestFairy makes distribution and testing of Android apps – painless. Not only you get back which tester ran your app, but you also get a video of each session and gazillion other tech metrics like the cpu usage, memory consumption and even the app logs.
Our philosophy has always been to enrich the developer’s experience, while requiring little to no work at all.
That is why we are so happy to tell you, that your apps, linked TestFlight’s SDK, not only work with TestFairy, but there is zero code to write, while still receiving same results and more.
For example, marking a checkpoint like so:

TestFlight.passCheckpoint("Completed level 2");

Will generate this coverage matrix:
Checkpoints Example
Again, zero code. Upload your APK as-is.
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We can answer questions at @testfairy  or support@testfairy.com
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