Mobile Beta Testing – TestFairy is Integrating With Atlassian Products

TestFairy announces compatibility with JIRA Software, HipChat, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines
It is not every day that you get invited by a company like Atlassian to spend a whole week in Amsterdam. And to make it a perfect geek party, you will be hanging out with developers, marketers and product managers from all product teams who will help you integrate with their platform. So are you coming or not? D’aah? And we landed in Amsterdam 🙂
To make a long story short, after less than 24 hours with the teams of JIRA Software, HipChat, Bitbucket and Bamboo, and one night without sleep, everything worked!
First came JIRA Connect.
One of TestFairy’s most useful features allows mobile testers to easily send bug reports to their developers. Testers can do that by logging in to their mobile dashboard, by using the TestFairy testers app, or by simply shaking their phone and filling in a feedback form that pops up.
Many of our customers asked us if we can post this feedback directly to JIRA Software, together with the video that shows what exactly happened on the app before the bug was reported. And so we did.
As a result, if someone says “It is not working”, and you’ll be surprised how many testers say that, you won’t have to ask them “What did you do?” “Did you click here or there?” “Did you have wifi or 3G?” “Can you send me some logs?”… Instead, just open the JIRA issue, rewind the video 10 seconds back and see exactly what happened before the user complained, and what exactly made them unhappy.
This is how a JIRA Software issue looks like with an embedded TestFairy video:

We did the same with crash reporting, where we pushed our video and logs together with every stacktrace, helping developers understand what exactly happened before their apps crashed.
It gets more interesting when the same crash occurs multiple times and the last thing you want is to have ten new issues on a crash that happened ten times (not mentioning thousands). We solved this problem by hashing every stack trace, later using it for grouping, so that one JIRA Software issue will be opened, regardless how many times your app crashed.

Issues created on JIRA Software create these magic properties. These properties include the name of the tester, the device he or she was using, operating system version, etc. You use these to later query JIRA by using JQL or simply by clicking on a property within an issue. JIRA Software will then automatically show you only the relevant issues, as in the screenshot above, only issues generated on “Apple iPhone 5”.
TestFairy for JIRA add-on is now available on Atlassian Marketplace.
Then came HipChat.

HipChat brings testers and developers together. Collaboration is instantaneous, and with TestFairy you can get testers’ feedback directly and immediately to your HipChat rooms. As a developer, you may also want to be notified when a new version has been uploaded, or a crash occurred.
Integration could not have been simpler — thanks to HipChat Connect.
All you need to do is click on
and choose the right HipChat room for your notifications. You may also configure which types of notifications you are interested in receiving.
We have found that it is a good practice to post tester’s feedbacks to one room, and crashes to another. Mainly for the reason that in most teams, different people handle different cases.
Now, when a user sends a feedback, we can easily see their notification in real time.
TestFairy for HipChat is available through the Atlassian Marketplace or directly from your account settings page on TestFairy.
Then came Bamboo.
Bamboo is where everything starts. Our plugin for Bamboo uploads your app to TestFairy whenever it is ready and automatically sends it a pre-defined group of testers. You can invite by email, or via a notification in a HipChat room.

This brings us to a platform that has TestFairy connected to JIRA, HipChat and Bamboo.
Then came Bitbucket.
Bitbucket Cloud holds the source code for your app. We closed the loop between source code and crash, by creating a link between the two. When showing a crash, TestFairy will automagically link the stack trace to your Bitbucket repository, at the right branch and revision.
And finally, Bitbucket Pipelines.
Bitbucket Pipelines is the continuous integration tool that glues the entire system together. Bitbucket Pipelines automatically compiles your mobile app with every commit. TestFairy integrates seamlessly to Bitbucket Pipelines to upload app artifacts, the .APK / .IPA files to TestFairy for distribution.
In the following example you can see an app that crashes.
The notification regarding this crash goes to HipChat in real time, together with a link to the actal TestFairy session.
Clicking on the crash will take you back to Bitbucket to the exact line that caused this crash.
We’ll be happy to get your feedback in the comments below.