HockeyApp Alternative

TestFairy is a mobile testing platform that helps companies streamline their development process and fix bugs faster. Here are a few reasons why TestFairy is an excellent HockeyApp alternative, just in case you are looking for your next mobile testing platform.
App Distribution is TestFairy’s bread and butter. When sending apps to testers, you want to make sure that the right users get the right versions of your app in the easiest way possible.
In case these are company employees, they must go through Single sign-on. In case there is a new version of your app, users must be able to upgrade automatically to the right version. In many cases you don’t want all users to have access to the same version of your app, and if god forbid, you released the wrong version and wish to revoke access for a specific build, or even revoke access for a specific user, you should be able to do that. TestFairy does all that and a lot more.

In-app bug reporting is the most important part of every successful mobile beta test. The easier it is to report a bug, the higher the chances that your users will actually report that issue that you just found. If your users will have to take screenshots, fill in forms, send logs, or do anything else manually, your beta test will fail. Instead, TestFairy lets users simply shake their mobile phone and sketch on the screen. Their report is then posted directly to JIRA, Trello Slack – you name it. Posting issues to JIRA automatically, and filling in all the ticket fields with the information collected from the app (any parameter is supported.

Next in line are your Integrations, which are supercritical when choosing a new platform to your corporate environment. Your next mobile testing platform must be able to connect with your Continuous Integration system, whether you use Jenkins, Circle-CI, Travis-CI or Team City and must have plugins to all your development tools such as Gradle, Fastlane and many others. And it doesn’t end with that. Which Single Sign-on does your company use? Is it Okta? OneLogin? Ping? Google? You name it. TestFairy is compatible with every SAML 2.0 SSO provider. Out of the box.

Last in line is Security. It actually should be first, but this is usually the main reason why companies decide not to buy. Not here. TestFairy comes on a private cloud, connects to your Single Sign-on and is the only platform in the market to provide end-to-end encryption with your private keys.

So, do you need more reason to try TestFairy as your HockeyApp alternative?