Android & iOS Mobile Beta Testing
Has Never Been Easier.

When testing mobile apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was done and if there was a problem, what exactly went wrong on the client side.

TestFairy solves this problem by providing you a video of the exact test that was done, including CPU, Memory, GPS, Network and a lot more.

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This Is What You Get
When You Use TestFairy!

App Distribution
iOS Ad Hoc Certificate
iOS Enterprise Certificate
Android Apps
Video Recording
See what your users are doing
and learn from their behaviour!
Android logcat
Crash Reports
Including iOS crash symbolication
Android De-Obfuscation
User feedback on shake!
Make it easy for your testers
To send your feedback.
Community Pages
Let your testers download
your app in one click.

Start Testing Your Mobile App Like These Pros

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How Does It Work?
Well... It's Pure Magic!

1. Upload Your App

Use our simple Web uploader or API

2. Invite Testers

Add your friends' emails and send invitations

3. View Results

Watch your results right when they are performed

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Take a good look
at TestFairy!

Sending apps to testers has never been easier!

TestFairy offers multiple channels to send apps to testers:

  • Email invitations: Simply enter the email addresses of your testers, and send them an invitation with a link to download your app with one click.

  • Native testers app: Your testers can get the TestFairy app and use it to download and install all the apps they were invited to test.

  • Web app: Our web app is the perfect choice for those who want to use an app, without installing one on their device.

  • Public beta pages: Every TestFairy app can have a public beta landing page, like this one, which you can publish online in order to recruit testers to test your app

In cases where this is needed, you can set your project to work in 'strict mode' that will require testers to login before they download your app.

See what your app looks like on every device

The mobile world is fragmented and with more than 10,000 devices your app may look different on every device. One of the most challenging tasks for Android developers is to make sure that your app looks the same on all devices. Our Visual Comparison reports are the perfect solution for this mission, allowing you to see how every activity and fragmant of your app look on every device that was tested.

All your logs and crash reports in one place

There are so many crash collectors our there, and most do a very good job. The missing part in all of them is understanding what happened before the crash. Did the user click on the red button or on the green button? Was he connected via wifi or 3G? Did he just switch back from another app or recieved a phone call? (This IS a phone...) TestFairy can collect crashes (and logs) and push them automatically into your JIRA, so when your developer gets to analyze those crash reports they will have all the information they can think of, incluing full video, logs, and internal metrics that were collected from the device in real time.

We’re integrated with everything you love

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We Love Our Friends.
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“ TestFairy is a must have tool for any Android in house or crowd source testing approach! Easy to use with immediate distribution abilities. Excellent feedback from our QA and Dev teams.”
“ TestFairy enabled us to get detailed insights to what each of our testers experienced without having to change a single line of code. I don’t know how we managed till now without it. ”
“TestFairy enables companies like ours to test  apps in the field as if they were still in our lab. The platform is extremely smart and very easy to use and will sure help us a lot in the future.”
“ TestFairy is a lifesaver! Started using it when we needed to test an app for a client on multiple Android devices. TestFairy came in at the perfect time and solved our QA problems.”
“ TestFairy is one of the best things that has happened to our Android team! The metrics and data you guys provide is amazing and makes testing painless!”
“ TestFairy is the coolest tool we have seen for Android testing, it made our QA process painless and came out incredibly helpful! Warmly recommeded for any Android developer.”
“ We love TestFairy! It is so easy to use, and with the detailed logs and screenshots we get we can now improve the app in short cycles, with no surprises when releasing our app to the store! ”
“ TestFairy is an amazing service and a must for any company developing for Android. It saved us weeks of work and made our product better. Try it, you will enjoy every minute. ”

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We're An Official News Sensation

"With TestFairy, users receive a ton of information to their own dashboard, feeding back data from the app about hardware details like memory and CPU usage, network bandwidth consumption, battery performance and phone signal, so that you can really optimize your app for a range of devices, and be incredibly specific about what happens and when." 

"This solution sounds brilliant to me. I spent years managing a corporate software testing team and wished for tools such as this. That was in support of standard Windows apps; I can’t imagine testing apps across hundreds of mobile devices with different screen sizes, processors, graphics chips and radios." 

"TestFairy is a much-needed solution to a very serious and widespread problem."

Got Questions?
We Got Answers!

Do I need to add an SDK to my app in order to use TestFairy?

If all you need is app distribution, there is no need to add any SDK. On iOS, for getting app insights, the SDK is required. On Android no SDK is required. Just load your release APK, the same one you publish. We will do all the rest automatically.

How much does a TestFairy subscription cost?

TestFairy's basic package is 100% FREE. We have Startup and Enterprise Packages for bigger teams, this is where we get paid.

Does TestFairy have a native app for testers?

Yes, TestFairy has both a web-app and a native app that allows testers to download apps for testing.

How much network overload is there on the app?

A typicial TestFairy video would take around 3MB per minute. This may change depending on the device resolution and the video settings.

Does TestFairy work
on any device?

Yes. TestFairy works on any Android or iOS. Big or small, yellow or pink.

Does TestFairy have an API that allows auto upload?

Yes. TestFairy has an API that is available for all customers. For more information, please read here.

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